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GEM Industries invented the Orbital Polisher for car, boat, and plane detailing almost 50 years ago and has been in uninterrupted production ever since. The GEM Orbital Polisher is currently sold throughout the world and recognized as the premier quality buffer for the professional detailer. In 2001, GEM modified and enhanced the polisher, turning the machine into the hottest sander to hit the Solid Surface and Wood industries in decades. The 11" head cuts sanding time by as much as 70%!!

GEM also offers a full line of chemicals and accessories for the detailing industry, including its famous Formula AT-5 (Acrylic/P.T.F.E.) sealant, as well as waxes, compounds, cleaners, pretreatment, tire dressings, fabric protection, and fragrances.

For Solid Surface and Wood applications, we offer 3M abrasives, including Micron Paper, Scotch-Brite, and Trizact. Our Acrylic Sealant is used as a protection against scratches and stains. Click to view video of GEM Sander on wood.

GEM currently has over six hundred distributors throughout North America, and approximately 25 overseas. We are actively seeking out new distributors for new market places world-wide. Contact GEM at (800) 447-4GEM for details.




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